Darkcloth for Digital

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Here I am using a 19th Century technology with my 21st Century digital camera: the dark cloth. When I do careful adjustments to my digital camera, while using a tilt-shift lens for perspective correction, I put on my close-up glasses … Read More

A Friend’s 8×10 Camera

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I’m selling a friend’s Explorer 8×10 view camera, by R H Phillips.  It is designed to be lightweight, and fold into a compact package.  But still, compared to the 4×5 inch camera I’m used to, everything is big.  The film … Read More

Temporary Studio

I usually work on location, but recently I have been given the temporary use of a space in a UDistrict building that will soon be demolished to make way for a 21 story apartment building.  It’s been great to spread … Read More

Balloon Framing Revealed

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Here’s a good example of old style balloon framing.  Click on the image for a better view. Note that the vertical studs go all the way from the foundation to the rafters.  The floor joists are attached to the continuous … Read More