Viaduct Farewell

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Seattle folks had a rare chance to view the city carefully from the Highway 99 Viaduct during the farewell party on Saturday, Feb. 2.  (The Viaduct is now being torn down.)  We used to zoom past in our cars, but this day was reserved for pedestrians.  I brought my tripod and perspective adjusting super wide angle lens (the Canon TS 17 mm) to see what I could get.  But actually, the best view may be the shot of the Seattle Steam Company plant, which was done with a regular zoom lens, the 24 – 70 f/2.8 Canon zoom, set to wide.  This is another example of the best viewpoint beating the most expensive lens.  Note the moss in the foreground in the first and last photos; that is on the Viaduct. I never noticed that as I drove by!

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